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Giving free music education to the children of Kansas City.

The KCVI Music Education Charities were created by the Kansas City Vocal Institute to provide free music education to the underprivileged children of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. We want to provide these children and families with music training, competition opportunities, performance opportunities, access to instruments, and other instruction to help further their music education. We also help charities and businesses provide scholarships and lessons for the underprivileged children of Kansas City, so that they may be able to participate in other fine arts programs.

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 We need your support!  KCVI Music Education Charities is needing your help to support and grow our outreach programs.  Our advertisers and sponsors help support our charity programs, but that is only a part of the help we need.

We have several opportunities for you to participate and contribute to the KCVI Music Education Charities.  Visit our Participate page to find out how you can get involved.  You can donate to us directly by credit card or through paypal by clicking on any of the orange donate buttons.  Those who donate will receive information about how their contribution was used to help including letters, video, and recordings from the students that benefit from their contribution.

Please visit our scholarship page to apply for scholarships and discounts through the Kansas City Vocal Institute.  For the more advanced musician, we are also offering several music competitions.  Please check back often during the year to see what competitions and prizes we are awarding.

Visit our Charity and News pages for more information about what the KCVI Music Education Charities is currently working on and our current charity events.

Our business and non-profit organization supporters receive free advertising on our websites as well as other support and opportunities.  Please contact us for more information about how your business and the KCVI Music Education Charities can work together.

If you have ideas about how we can improve the KCVI Music Education Charities or want information about how you can sponsor a charity event, please email us.

Special thanks to our friends at TruGreen for their contribution of lanscape work for our Summer outdoor events.

Thank you for your interest in the Kansas City Vocal Institute Music Education Charities.  Please visit us often for new charity programs and support opportunities.  If you have other charity ideas or needs please contact us.

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