KCVI Singer of the Year Award in Art Song

The Kansas City Vocal Institute and the Music Education Charities are offering an online competition for the 2010 KCVI Singer of the Year Award in Art Song.  Each contestant should complete the entry form and submit one recording of an art song, their resume, headshot, and $15 entry fee.  You may email your resume, headshot, and recording to: sing@kcvocalinstitute.com or you can mail it to: KCVI Singer of the Year Award, Kansas City Vocal Institute, 8761 W 106th Terrace, Overland Park, KS 66212.

Semifinalists will be determined by the submitted materials.  Semifinalists will be asked to submit 3 more recordings of art songs of various styles and periods to determine the finalists and winner.  

The winner will receive $500 and will be considered for future professional opportunities through the Kansas City Vocal Institute.

Submission Deadline: DECEMBER 1, 2010

KCVI Singer of the Year in Art Song Application

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